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I’m a scientist and a clinician. I believe in evidence-based
treatments supported by extensive clinical research at
the best medical institutions in the world. My methods
are based on research findings that have been evaluated
and used by scientists and clinicians at the Mayo Clinic,
USC, UCSF, Yale, Stanford, Harvard University Center for
Brain Science, Johns Hopkins, University of Haifa, MIT,
Cambridge, Hebrew University etc

For my patients suffering from stress (including anxiety
and post-partum conditions), my goal is not to treat you
forever. Within 4-6 months (and sometimes a lot less), I
will give you powerful tools which will help you deal with
your current stressors as well as whatever else life will
throw at you in the future. You will leave my office confident
in your own ability to deal with 
challenges and adversities,
and ready to focus on fostering all that is positive in your life

For Baby Boomers and Seniors, I will teach you how to
take advantage of brain plasticity in order to maintain mental
acuity, clarity of thought, short term memory and processing
speed. My methods may allow you to maintain your driver’s
license years longer and help you feel sharper and more
socially engaged. My goal is to give you the tools that will
enable you to achieve your goals, be they travel, or writing a
novel, learning a musical instrument or learning another
language. By staying mentally active, improving your social
connectedness, and physical activity, you will improve your
quality of life.