Career and Education


California School of Professional Psychology – Adjunct Professor at one of the largest professional graduate schools of psychology in the US.Lecture on Advanced Psychopathology to PsyD studens.

– Director of Psychological Services . Set up evaluation and treatment services for refugees from Somalia, Nigeria, Congo and other countries suffering from severe PTSD

Posit Science – Research Neuropsychologist and
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board . Founded by Dr. Merzenich , Posit is the leader in developing treatments based on the concept of adult brain plasticity (neuroplasticity)

UCSF Epilepsy Clinic –Neurosychologist
Conducted neuropsychological testing for clinical trials of state-of-the-art treatments for patients with intractable epilepsy.


UCSF Memory and Aging Center – Postdoctoral Fellow . Conducted dementia and epilepsy research under direct supervision of Drs Joel Kramer and Bruce Miller . Evaluated patientswith difficult to diagnose atyical symptoms of neurodegenerative disorders. – Internship - Veterans Affairs Hospital, Salem, Virginia
– Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology - PGSP,Palo Alto, California
– Specialty Training Certificate in Neuropsychology - PGSP, Palo Alto, California - BS in Psychology and Human Development - UC Davis Davis, California

Professional Memberships
- American Psychological Association (APA)
- CaliforniaPsychological Association (CPA)
- San Francisco Psychological Association (SFPA)
- International NeuropsychologicalSociety (INS)
- National Association of Neuropsychology (NAN) -